Motorised Dishes

There is more in the sky than just Sky.

Sky broadcast from the Astra 2 location at 28 East, but what about the rest of the skies ? There are over 30 satellite locations visible from the UK, as long as you have the ability to receive them. Why stick to 200 FREE UK channels when you can have them plus up to 1800 Euro / Worldwide Channels too for FREE.

If you are a channel surfer, or like looking outside the norm, Motorised Systems are great for widening your viewing range. Perfect for Formula One coverage too.

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  1. Standard Motorised

    Standard Motorised

    Our Price: £499.00

    80cm Motorised Dish System with our S1600 HD mini satellite receiver with USB record and 16GB memory. Learn More
  2. Medium Motorised

    Medium Motorised

    Our Price: £549.00

    Medium sized Diseqc Motorised System giving access to over 1800 channels. Learn More
  3. Large Motorised

    Large Motorised

    Our Price: £799.00

    Large Motorised System with a 1.2 / 1.3m dish and a 36v Mechanical Motor Arm and the Technomate 5402 HD Receiver. Learn More
  4. Twin Tuner Large Motorised System

    Twin Tuner Large Motorised System

    Our Price: £999.00

    Twin Tuner 1.2 / 1.3m 36v DC Motorised High Definition USB & Internal HDD Digital satellite System. Learn More

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