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  1. A2 Freesat Dish Installation

    A2 Freesat Dish Installation

    Our Price: £94.99

    Two point freesat Installation Learn More
  2. Plaza HD-S Freesat HD

    Plaza HD-S Freesat HD

    Our Price: £89.00

    What Satellite & Digital TV issue #305 awarded the Plaza HD-S 10/10 for Value and 9/10 for Performance, Navigation and Setup. Learn More
  3. Plaza HDR-S Freesat+

    Plaza HDR-S Freesat+

    Our Price: £189.00

    The easiest way to hundreds of channels, free HD and On Demand TV, all subscription free. And as it’s Freesat+, you can pause, rewind and record live TV. Learn More
  4. Plaza DS -100A Freesat SD

    Manhattan Plaza DS-100

    Our Price: £59.00

    Great receiver from Manhattan giving over 140 Freesat channels. No subscription. Breathe new life into SDTVs. Learn More
  5. Sky New Subscriber

    Sky New Subscriber

    Our Price: £0.00

    Free box and Installation from the North Devon Sky Experts. Learn More
  6. Humax HDR-FOX T2

    Humax HDR-FOX T2

    Our Price: £269.00

    The Ultimate Freeview HD Recorder. Built in 500GB hard drive, plus you can add up to two more external hard drives, up to 2TB each. Thats up to 4.5TB of recording capacity.....


    Learn More
  7. Satellite Band Pass Filter

    Satellite Band Pass Filter

    Product Rating

    Our Price: £15.00

    The filter has F connectors and sits in-line on the satellite cable coming from the dish. It can be attached to the skirting board if required. If using two cables say for Sky HD or Freesat HD Recorders, then two filters will be required, one for each cable. Learn More
  8. Sky+HD New PVR5

    Sky+ HD Receiver - New

    Our Price: £269.00

    Brand New Sky+HD box Learn More
  9. WestCountryDigital Service Call for Aerials and Satellite

    Service Call

    Our Price: £49.00

    Service Call for Aerial or Satellite Systems... Learn More
  10. Pitgirl

    F1-SA1 Satellite Dish and Installation

    Our Price: £100.00

    Supply and Standard Installation of a 59cm mini-dish with one cable run to a single room. Learn More

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